André Pascual

Game Designer & Gameplay Engineer

Most Recent

Networked Gameplay in Unreal Engine!

I programmed grapple hook movement in C++ and used Unreal Engine's Custom Movement Mode to network the player's movement with client-side prediction. (1 week)


Serpent Showdown
Lead Designer

A 3-D arena fighter with cute snakes that wear cardboard armor, battling it out with crayon swords in the spirit of competition!

Lead Programmer & Designer

A competitive, 2-player, 3-D action game where you play as stick-wielding mochi trying to make the perfect dango stick!

Wheelin' and Mealin'
Tech Designer

A co-op, online multiplayer game where players take on the role of a driver and cook duo aiming to be the best restaurant in the city!


A educational music game for mobile where you can use any instrument or your singing voice to control fun mini-games.

Solo Projects

Recreations of 2D and 3D games | Implemented attributes of basic game engines (C++)

☆ Programmed shaders post processing with DirectX and HLSL
☆ Implemented a job system to handle
multiple game object animations in parallel
☆ Practiced test-driven development for physics collisions
with bounding boxes and ray casts 

☆ Used 3D math to check wall climbing/running conditions
☆ Detected if player is within cone of security camera spotlights
☆ Created a radar that tracks the orientations of the cameras relative to the player
☆ Added sound effects that play relative to the player's position in 3D space

☆ Loaded and unloaded level data based on the player's progress
☆ Procedurally generated endless obstacles through file loading
☆ Recursively programmed chain explosions

☆ Used a tilemap to create rooms of a 2D dungeon with enemy spawns
☆ Made collectible items, like keys to open locked doors in other rooms
☆ Programmed a different enemy behaviors and a state machine for the dungeon boss


About Me

Hi! I'm André Pascual, a game designer, programmer and graduate from the University of Southern California (USC), with a bachelors in Computer Science (Games). The USC Games Program is recognized as the #1 game design program in North America by the 2020 Princeton Review.

I recently completed a Game Design internship at Treyarch where I helped develop a Vehicle Test Map using Radiant and GSC scripting. I've also worked with multi-functional teams of up to 20+ people to create wonderful games using Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I choose to work in games because they are dynamic and constantly evolving which gives me opportunities to push myself and improve my skills as a game developer.

Aside from playing and making games I'm a nerd when it comes to Star Wars, Marvel, anime and pro wrestling. I also like to stay active with hikes, biking, skateboarding, and basketball.

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