André Pascual

Tech Designer and Gameplay Engineer


Serpent Showdown
Lead Designer

A 3-D arena fighter with cute snakes that wear cardboard armor, battling it out with crayon swords in the spirit of competition!

Lead Programmer & Designer

A competitive, 2-player, 3-D action game where you play as stick-wielding mochi trying to make the perfect dango stick!

Wheelin' and Mealin'
Tech Designer

A co-op, online multiplayer game where players take on the role of a driver and cook duo aiming to be the best restaurant in the city!

Dreamland Confectionery

Gather objects, make friends and explore a wondrous world in this open-world exploration game for the Nintendo Switch.

Solo Projects

Recreations of 2D and 3D games | Implemented attributes of basic game engines (C++)

☆ Programmed shaders post processing with DirectX and HLSL
☆ Implemented a job system to handle
multiple game object animations in parallel
☆ Practiced test-driven development for physics collisions
with bounding boxes and ray casts 

☆ Used 3D math to check wall climbing/running conditions
☆ Detected if player is within cone of security camera spotlights
☆ Created a radar that tracks the orientations of the cameras relative to the player
☆ Added sound effects that play relative to the player's position in 3D space

☆ Loaded and unloaded level data based on the player's progress
☆ Procedurally generated endless obstacles through file loading
☆ Recursively programmed chain explosions

☆ Used a tilemap to create rooms of a 2D dungeon with enemy spawns
☆ Made collectible items, like keys to open locked doors in other rooms
☆ Programmed a different enemy behaviors and a state machine for the dungeon boss


About Me

Hi! I'm André Pascual, a game developer and engineer from California, studying Computer Science (Games) at the University of Southern California (USC). The USC Games Program is recognized as the #1 game design program in North America by the 2020 Princeton Review. I'm graduating May 2021.

My college career has given me experience in many aspects of engineering including gameplay, graphics, systems, and self-written game engines. I have worked with interdisciplinary teams of up to 20+ people to create wonderful games using Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I choose to work in games because they are dynamic and constantly evolving which gives me opportunities to push myself and improve my skills as a game developer.

Aside from playing and making games I'm a nerd when it comes to Star Wars, Marvel, anime and pro wrestling. I also like to stay active with hikes, biking, and basketball.

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