Wheelin' & Mealin'

Wheelin' & Mealin' is a co-op food delivery game where a couple of pals operate a food delivery service. One of them is a Driver that controls their souped up vehicle, and the other is a Chef that cooks in the back of the car.

By relying on each other, the duo is able to cook up wacky meals that not only power-up the vehicle, but can also be served to hungry customers. By efficiently and skillfully delivering dishes, the duo are able to gain fame, and reach new heights of restaurateuring.


My Contributions

I worked remotely as a technical designer with a 35-person interdisciplinary team. My role was a combination of designing and prototyping gameplay features using Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.

Our goal was to create a collaborative experience between the Chef and the Driver so that they empower each other to have the best restaurant in the city.


Designed 4 power-ups the Chef can make for the vehicle that support the Driver's gameplay.


Prototyped a tutorial level to teach players the core game loop as well as scripted traffic AI to follow and transition between different spline paths. 


Collaborated with Engineering to refine the recipe system for creating power-ups and the logic for each of their effects on the driving gameplay.

Designed with Mobirise - Click for more