Serpent Showdown

Serpent Showdown is a competitive arena fighter for all ages! Play as two classroom pet snakes, battling it out to see who'll reign victorious. Strike, slither and slash your way to victory!

My Contributions

A 3-D arena fighter, intended to release on the Nintendo Switch. I initially was brought on as a designer and got to work with an interdisciplinary team of 15 people.

When our Lead Designer had to take on the role of Creative Director, I was chosen to take his place. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but my teammates helped me along the way. I was able to coordinate with Engineering, Art, and Usability to design a silly, but competitive fighting game for young kids.

COVID-19 forced us to switch to remote work just after half a year into development, but we were able to continue development of our game without any major setbacks. Serpent Showdown was my first big step onto my path of game development.


Led a 2 person design team to develop and balance the combat system. Collaborated with the other 14 members of my team to design an accessible, competitive, and vibrant.


Designed and refined the move-set to be easy to understand and able to generate intensive interactions between players.


Outlined a tutorial where both players can easily learn the mechanics of the game together in a no-stakes environment.

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