Mochi Madness

Mochi Madness is a 2-player PVP game where you play as skewer-wielding mochis competing to build a dango stick! Race to be the first to get three dangos amidst a flurry of desserts that can either aid or hinder you in your goal. Poke around and throw to your heart's delight in three unique stages, each with their own flavor!

My Contributions

I was the engineer and co-designer for this game. My partner and I used the Unity engine to create this game in 15 weeks for our Intermediate Game Development course.

This was my first time programming in Unity and I got familiar with its architecture as well as learned how to work under agile development.

Halfway into the semester, we had to switch to working remotely due to COVID-19. Despite that, we created a game that was silly, competitive and cute. 

3 Arenas

Created 3 different arenas the players could compete inthat affected the gameplay: a table with a vast assortment of desserts, a 3 story level with ladders and taffy slides, and the moon with its lighter gravity. 


Made 4 different kinds of desserts that the players can poke and throw at each other, 2 of which cause areas of effect that speed up or slowdown players. The other 2 stun the hit player and unlodges desserts from their skewer.

Controller Support

Included support for player input from both keyboard and game controllers.

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